Malia’s Entrees served with 2 Soulful Sides

Malia’s Fly Away Soulful Chicken Wings

Malia’s Soulful Fried Fish of the Day

Malia’s Got Soul Meatloaf

Malia’s Come and Get It Fried Center Cut Pork Chops

Malia’s Sunday Best Meatloaf

Chef Uri’s Pitmaster Brisket

Chef Uri’s Pitmaster Ribs

Chef Uri’s Pitmaster Pulled Chicken

Chef Uris’s Special Foodie Day Specials (Specials will be broadcast 24 hours in advance and will be available for pre-order and pickup)

Soulful Sides

Mac/Cheese, French Fries, Candied Yams, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Fried Cabbage, String Beans, Cole Slaw

Malia’s Specialty Sides

Fresh Cut Rosemary Duck Fries

Malia’s Soulful Sandwiches

Soulful Fried Fish of the Day
Come and Get it Fried Center Cut Pork Chop (1)
Chef Uri’s Pitmaster Ribs
Chief Uri’s Pitmaster Brisket

Malia’s Sweet Corner

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